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Return Material Authorization

Before we accept product returns, we request that you obtain a Return Material Authorization (or RMA) by sending an e-mail to obtain an RMA or by contacting us.

Once you have an RMA, you may return your product following the instructions included with the RMA.

At our discretion, we may elect to send you a replacement product while the returned product is being shipped to us.

Along with the RMA, we appreciate receiving as much detailed information as possible regarding the nature of the product malfunction. The more detailed information we have, the better and quicker we can resolve your issue.

Refund Policy

We will refund your purchase within 30 days if it proves to be defective.

Refund + 1 Week

You will always get an extra week of refund time from us.

Product Warranties

Our products have warranties of varying terms. We will repair and/or replace your defective product throughout the warranty period.

If your warranty has expired, standard service charges for product repair may apply.

Warranty + 1 Month

You will always get an extra month from your warranty from us.

Self Installation Products

Some of our products are meant to be self or shop installed. We may not honour warranties if an installation was performed improperly or if the product has evidence of physical damage; we're sure you'll understand. However, if such a situation arises, talk to us about it.


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