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  powerONE and powerTWO support
  Get support via e-mail here.
  powerONE is a versatile industrial controller tailored for the general automotive and performance markets.
  powerTWO is the configuration application for all powerONE products.

It features a graphical user interface that allows an installer or designer to create powerONE controller designs quickly.
  .pox file extension

The .pox file extension is used by the powerTWO application to define design files.

Files with an extension of .pox stand for powerTWO Xml design files.

  Firewall and ESIpowerTWO.exe
  If your Firewall notifies you of internet connection attempts by ESIpowerTWO.exe, it is the powerTWO application accessing the internet to check for software updates.  You should let powerTWO proceed.

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