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Minimum Sample Time 5 ms (200 Hz)
User 0/1 Maximum Frequency Sample Time 100 us (10000 Hz)
User 2-7 Maximum Frequency Sample Time 5 ms (200 Hz)
User 0-5 Maximum PWM Resolution 5 ms (200 Hz)
User 6-7 Maximum PWM Resolution 500 us (2000 Hz)
Maximum Analog Input 16.9 V (V03) 17.85 V (V04)
Rpm Maximum Steps 12
Maximum Timers or Delays 12
Minimum Delay Time 2.5 ms
Maximum Delay Time 163837.5 ms (163.8375 sec)
Minimum High-Speed PWM Delay Time 1 us
Maximum High-Speed PWM Delay Time 20000 us (20 ms)
Maximum Switches 16
Maximum MinMax 8
Maximum Logical (and, or, xor) 16
Maximum Inputs to a Logical 8
Maximum Leds 12
Maximum User Inputs or Outputs 8
Maximum CAN (OBD-II) Inputs 16

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